Yoga retreats

You are thinking of going for a holiday and also in the meantime to keep up with your yoga practoce, I advise you to go on a yoga retreat in Thailand

Yoga will make your body stronger and your mind calmer, but the real benefit of this practice is for your soul, and through the asanas and pranayama exercises you'll find that your spirit gets calmer and more stable.

This holiday make it really Holy and relax your whole being.

Detox spa resorts

Another approach to a healing time is to embark on a detox program. Detox in Thailand is becoming one of the most sought after activities in this paradise, wellness resorts and detox centers are becoming really popular and every day there are new ones, of all of them I would suggest you check out Samahita Wellness Center in Koh Samui, lots of programs to choose from and a very knowledgeable and helpful staff at your service.

Health retreats

I also want to talk about health retreats - spa resorts in Thailand as a way to really attend to your personal health needs, some of these are completely personalised and flexible to attend to your main goals i attending the program. Be it stopping smoking, candida, weight loss... you'll feel completely rejuvenated and refreshed after.